Gaurav Nemade

Product Management Coach

PM Interview Coaching || On-the-job PM Coaching



I was a Google Product Manager from 2017 - 2022 where I interviewed 65+ PM candidates. I have coached over 50+ PM candidates for FAANG PM interviews, breaking into PM, and on-the-job PM coaching (see testimonials). I coach people because helping people to reach their goals really gives me unparalleled satisfaction and it also helps me support my startup life. My clients say that what makes me a great coach is that "I desperately care about their success."


"I truly believe that I would not have cleared the Google interviews without your advice. I’ve worked with two other interview coaches and without a doubt, you are head and shoulders above them"
- Candidate got a Google PM Offer

"I worked with several coaches and Gaurav was hands down the best. If you pick just one coach, pick Gaurav"
- Candidate got a Google PM Offer

"Gaurav is an amazing coach, very organized and extremely insightful, such that I could see a significant improvement after each session that I took with him"
- Candidate got a Google PM Offer


Gaurav provided me with invaluable guidance during our 1:1 coaching sessions and I truly believe that I would not have succeeded without his coaching.  His feedback was detailed, actionable and extremely thorough.  I have worked with other interview coaches before but it was clear to me that the quality and style of Gaurav's coaching is head and shoulders above the rest!- Susan H. (Got a Google PM Offer)

It is one thing to understand the frameworks and have creative ideas, but it is another thing to deliver them in a crisp, concise and effective manner during an interview, Gaurav helped me do exactly that! He is very well calibrated on what resembles an average, a good and a stellar answer during an interview. As a result during the mock interview session he was able to probe my answers and thinking on multiple levels. He was very methodical and structured, simulating the process down to every single detail, which trained me being able to think deeply and convey details of my answers, while at the same time I never losing sight of the questions asked.Gaurav is an amazing coach, very organized and extremely insightful, such that I could see a significant improvement after each session that I took with him.Gaurav shared a multi-page personalized performance assessment based on his detailed notes that he took during the mock interview, highlighting all the important areas that are explored in a Google interview, such as: Strategic Insights, Product Design/Insights, Analytical skills, Creativity, Communication and Leadership. For each category he identified my strong and weak points but more importantly, he helped me develop techniques to address them with practical examples.I highly recommend Gaurav’s coaching to anyone practicing for their mock interviews!- Haris I. (Got Google PM offer)

I worked with several coaches and Gaurav was hands down the best. He was well prepared, thoughtful, and structured in the way he conducted the interview and gave feedback. If you pick just one coach, pick Gaurav.- Paul H. (Got a Google PM Offer)

My best mock interview experience was with Gaurav. Highly recommend! The feedback was well documented by Gaurav who went over the stipulated time to share areas of improvement. The examples given for the identified areas of improvement really helped solidify what needs to be done.- Chitra V. (Got a Google PM Offer)

Super thoughtful and structured feedback for interviews. You can get insights into how an actual Google interviewer will document their feedback and rate candidates. Highly recommended!- Zoey Z. (Got a Google PM Offer)

What to expect?

Each session will be 1 hour long. For mock interview sessions, we will do 40-45 mins of mock followed by 15-20 mins of actionable feedback. Sample feedback template that I use here[Before the session] I will try to understand as much context as possible over email (eg: areas you want the most help in, roles you are applying to, etc.) so that we can utilize our 1-on-1 time most effectively.[During the session] I listen intently and base my coaching on the following philosophy: (1) help candidates understand their strengths, (2) provide detailed & actionable feedback for areas of improvement, and (3) share ideas to go the extra mile and stand out from the competition.[After the Engagement] Few things make me more happy than to know that someone I coached got an offer. So, if you do get an offer, I would be glad to share my 2 cents about teams (if you go through team matching), make intros wherever possible, and help with offer negotiations. No charges, of course :)